I Dhiren Chaudhary (Electronics Tech) living in North America since last 2 decade.

I found so many people struggling, going in depression, job – Business, Health problem, Marriage, Child Birth, Relationship, Visa Immigration problem & so many others.
Everyone has good Dr, Lawyer, Astrologer, Advisor but still they didn’t get positive favourable result.

Some time due to vastu dosh who lived in such a home/ building not getting positive results.

Vatica Vastu team using scientific vastu technique to solve root cause of vastu dosh in home/ building.


There is a deep connection between ASTROLOGY and VASTU.
VASTU talks about favourable Direction and in ASTROLOGY Planets, Houses and Signs also have favourable directions.
The correlation has different impact on different person.
Ex. As per VASTU Principle East Direction in General is a benefit direction, but it may not prove benefit direction for the individual born with Capricorn ascendant. In ASTRO VASTU Analysis these things and many others are checked from individual’s horoscope. Personal VASTU should match with horoscope of an individual for enhance prosperity in life. Principles of VASTU can improve situations but ASTRO VASTU can totally enhance it for contended and prosperous life.